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Red Light Revival at the Whisky A Go Go …

Red Light Revival | Whisky A Go Go

After months of planning, and flights that gave new meaning to the expression “round the houses”, we finally made it to Los Angeles!

In the days before the gig at the Whisky A Go Go we had time to large it at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, drink black russians in classic 70s style and chat to the locals …

Evans at Rainbow LA

Aside from some touristy stuff, we also had to source some gear in advance, which was a task and a half (God bless Uber) given what we needed. One does not simply wander down Sunset Strip with a snare, a pedal and and an armful of cymbals!

On the night we got to the Whisky and were delighted to see that we’d earned a place on the famous marquee, photos of which made their way onto t-shirts within days.

Whisky A Go Go tshirt

The headlining act, Marsalis, had their rig already set when we arrived and I was impressed that the kit included a mammoth gong drum. Looked forward to banging that bad boy until a smaller stage kit was wheeled on for the supporting acts!

We had a bit of time to try to chill in the green room upstairs, but were too wound up by the whole experience to relax. Just being in the building was a thrill in itself. Before the doors opened we were told by management that we had to go back outside and queue up in the street to get into our own gig, which was, well…unusual to say the least.

Second on at about 7.30pm local time and the crowd was about 25 strong. Before we kicked off a little trouble with Jon’s guitar sound set us back a few minutes and irritatingly this wasn’t properly resolved.

The playback (which we paid for) bears testament to this. Otherwise the performance was a good ‘un, and was received well.

Our half hour done we mingled and then decamped to The Rainbow, bumping into none other than Taylor Hawkins in the process.

Charlie & Taylor Hawkins
Charlie & Taylor Hawkins, yes that’s right.

Bloody marvellous. Another one off the bucket list.

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