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Trash Bradford | No, really…

Trash Bradford | Red Light Revival UK

It had been almost a month since Apollofest so it felt good to blow away some of the pre gig cobwebs at the RLR rehearsal room in Leeds.

A warm evening so we emerged after an hour’s run through a bit hot and sweaty for our efforts.

Smudger in residence – Danny Banks – came along to rehearsal and the gig to get some “action shots” (watch this space).

Got to the venue at about 10pm, with a 10.45pm kick off pencilled in. Seems that the rockers of Bradford are a nocturnal breed, and so it was suggested that we leave it as late as possible before going on, as anything before midnight was “early doors”.

Round Window were headlining so I got to use their drummer’s hardware, a rather beautiful Mapex.

BDM turned up sans his stool, and so has to borrow a Heineken keg instead. Much hilarity, and dreams of lucrative product placements, ensued (check out the gallery section of the site for further details).

Kicked off just after 11pm with the set list that’s been a regular feature so far this year, with Skynyrd’s Simple Man standing in as the token cover (we seem to be giving Wishing Well a break at the moment).

Trash is an excellent venue, right in the middle of Bradford, with a spanking stage and riser.

Would like to play there again, perhaps with an advertised kick off of just before dawn!

Charlie Author

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