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Spread Eagle(d) in York…

Spread Eagle | Red Light Revival

This was our warm up for LA, organised by our mate Caroline Adams (thanks again, Caroline!).

A name venue with a rep for putting on top class live bands, we had high expectations. The venue’s own drum kit was on a shelf up a flight of stairs, and it was in a parlous state. Augmented with my stands and snare I was able to cobble something together, and the sound guy (who did a great job) miced me up good and proper.

Trev from The Brazen turned out in support, and it was excellent to catch up with him. The Spread Eagle laid on a rider (result!) of cold beer, which was very welcome, and before the performance we went across the road for slices of molten pizza.

Prime (or two of them at least) from Nottingham were supporting with an acoustic set, and they were great. Couldn’t decide if the front man Lee was channelling Jagger, Iggy Pop or Beef from The Phantom of the Paradise. Any which way he carried it off well. Good to meet them over a tin of Stella before they went on.

By the time we came on it was just after 10pm, and the saloon bar up front was filling up a bit. Fully expecting that a fully amplified blast of Red Light energy would clear the place we kicked off (as ever) with Black & Cold.

About 3 songs in I was aware that we were getting whoops from the bar area, and before too long these were turning into cheers. It was getting close to 11 when we rolled out Standing in the Shadows as the usual closer. All done, but the punters weren’t having it, demanding not one..or two…or three..but four encores.


Immense gig, and just what we needed pre-States trip. Amazing what a difference the right audience makes, and we’ll look back at the 360 Club gig with wiser eyes. Next stop : The City of Angels.

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