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The Primrose | Barry who?

Primrose | Red Light Revival

Against all the odds, given that we were up against both the England football squad (playing Russia in the Euros) and a luminary no less than Barry sodding Manilow playing Leeds Arena, we managed to play to more than just an empty room tonight!

Daimo, who was on before us, was brilliant and had us laughing like drains, so by showtime we were well up for it. No mics on the snare or cymbals, so I really laid into ’em. Sweating like an EMP before the referendum by the time we finished.

Played The Primmy with another band in March 2015, and came away with permanent ringing in the ears on account of simply mammoth feedback from the bass stack. No different this time around, but wearing plugs so further damage avoided.

BBW nearly collapsed, and to his credit Matt took responsibility. Pulled it back on track with the drum bit going into the guitar bridge, which saved the day. Good to catch up with Caroline Adams after the gig, who we’ll be seeing again at Apollofest.

The band on after us, The Luka State, were just phenomenally good, so left The Primmy pig sick just after 11pm! Stav and the staff at The Primmy ace, as usual.

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