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Oxfam Camaraderie …

Oxjam | Red Light Revival

We always get excited before a gig, no matter how small, but this one was a bit special.

A pretty mammoth event, with a whole heap of bands playing venues right across Leeds, and all for a good cause. Our Twitter friends Jack and Rebecca Singer flew over from Indiana for the event (not entirely at our behest, I should add), so it was good to meet them face to face over a curry on the Friday.

Also with us was fellow Oxjam performer Hannah Clive, so the spirit of artistic community was alive and well.

On the day we were playing the upstairs room at Santiago’s, in the Victoria Arcade, and having dumped the gear we made it across to The Old Red Bus Station to catch Erica’s set, which was pretty bloody huge, and to hook up with the EGH crew (always a pleasure, never a chore!).

It was then back to Santiago’s for the end of Moth Loves The Flame’s set (great, and full on for a mid afternoon). Nearly showtime, and when setting up I was a little dismayed to find that my hi-hat clutch didn’t fit the stand provided by the venue. Approached Moth Loves The Flame’s drummer in the bar downstairs and he was happy to lend me his. Another example of the refreshing band camaraderie and community spirit that abounds at the moment.

The crowd assembled for our set was one of the best we’ve had. Nearly a full house, and they responded to each track with cheers and applause aplenty. The sound levels behind the kit were a bit overpowering, so an it was an ordeal keeping track of anything bar the guitars.

Having wrapped I was approached by the sound guy with a request for a lend of my bass pedal to the drummer of the next band, Partisan, whose own pedal had given up the ghost. Well, how could I refuse!? Partisan, a Manc band who had just got back from a US tour, were excellent, and my pedal made it out alive!

Then made it across town to catch out very own Jon Lander supporting Hannah Clive at Crowd of Favours (delightfully low key, and blimey can she sing!), before calling it a night, utterly knackered. The rest of the band were out until the early hours pissing it up with The Brazen and The EGH posse. Clearly they’re better men than me…

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