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No lion, no witch, all rider at The Wardrobe …

Red Light Revival | The Wardrobe

This was the Apollo Junction support slot, at a Leeds venue we’ve been massively keen to tick off the list for some time.

Proper stage, proper sound, proper rider!

Sound check was great, and we were gobsmacked to see that the venue were wheeling out crowd barriers. Whipped out the rock n roll “Eyespy” for a 10 point bonus.

As is traditional the headline band played all their own gear, leaving the support acts (of which we were 1 of 2) to set up their own, which meant that this was the second gig in a row where I had to lug the Pearl Export out of its moth balls. No biggy, as its always comfier playing your own instrument.

We pulled out all the stops to get the faithful to come support us, and they came in their droves. This must have been out best performance to date on the old ticket sales and by the time we hit the stage the crowd was impressive.

Steve joined us for Hillside, which on play back sounded immense, and after the gig the diehards said that both Cuban Heels and Nine Lives were as strong as anything we’ve done to date, which was very encouraging.

Afterwards we kicked back with what was left of the rider and caught the Apollo Junction gig.

A stonking night all round.

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