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Musicians Against Cancer …

Musicians Against Cancer

Santiago’s is a venue we have played a few times, and its always been a rewarding experience, when we’ve (alright, I’ve) been in the right mood, and this gig was no different.

The Musicans Against Cancer organisers had done a grand job on the run up to push the gig on social media, and to promote via the compilation download (available here), and although not bursting at the seams the crowd was certainly in evidence.

As we were headlining all bands used my kit, which is fine (what goes around comes around, after all), but the drummer of the band on before us played cymbals without felts. This meant that I came back to the kit sans felts. The front man of the previous band got wind of this and then got on his hands and knees to find them (bless ‘im) to allow the show to go on. Drums by the window is a double edged sword. If things get sticky an open sash can give sweet relief, but also if a fight kicks off in the street outside concentration can wander. On this occasion the window wouldn’t open, and so sweat bands it was.

And there weren’t any fights (worse luck).

In the end the evening raised some money for the charity, and we hung out with The Brazen, who also played, so everyone was a winner.

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