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Farmers might know…

Farmfest | Red Light Revival

We played Farmfest last year, and apart from calls from the audience to “play something that farmers might know” we had a good one.

The set up was great and the sound on stage was first class. This year we had an earlier slot (i.e. it was still daylight), and as it was before the watershed the site was much busier than the previous year. As before we were playing after a very professional looking covers band (they were wearing matching waistcoats), so grabbing attention was going to be a toughy.

Each band was providing their own kit (note for the organisers : the event will run a lot smoother if you hire in some gear for the bands to share), but we were able to load everything onto the back of a quad and trailer to get from the car park to the stage.

Nice touch!

Performance was again pretty good, and we had an hour to fill which was handy. A family of swallows had settled down in the rafters above the stage, so Ben and I were dive bombed during the set by mum and dad swallow, bringing back a take out to feed the kids.

No heckles this year, and the festival goers sitting in front of the stage didn’t ship off, so we took that as a success. The next band on was a ska covers band, and the crowd went as wild(ish) in response. As I walked back to the car park they were launching into a version of Lip Up Fatty.

Reportedly the organiser wants us back for next year, which is touching, if a little bemusing as covers bands appear to tickle their patrons’ funny bones far more than original classic rock.

Perhaps it has something to do with us playing for beer and (peerless) hot pork sandwiches. Look forward to it!

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