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Eccup | A blinding set tonight

The crowd were very receptive, probably by virtue of having been “on it” for most of the day.

I saw the front row dancing during Gasoline, which was a first for us. Matt unveiled his prefab stage persona, which worked an absolute treat.

We all raised our respective games accordingly.

He also brought out the new Flash Gordon t-shirt he’d acquired off e bay. Before the gig we caught ourselves comparing notes over how best to avoid the red collars and cuffs running on a 40degree machine wash. On realising we were entering Spinal Tap territory we curtailed the conversation and adjourned to the bar instead.

Performance pretty good all round, although the guitars went a bit “Les Dawson” during Shadows, and I dropped a stick half way through Wishing Well. Haven’t done that for years!

Charlie Author

My name is Charlie. I play the drums.

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