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The Cleckheaton Stick Drop…

Yorkshire Vs Cancer gig

Arrived on time (for a change), and although I thought I was the first to arrive, it turned out that Jon and Ben were hiding in the green room.

The Live Room is a very impressive venue; proper stage, fantastic lighting rig, and decent sound system. We sound checked and caught the support band (a solid mixture of cover and original material), and didn’t come on until about 10pm.

We had a decent sized crowd in the house, bolstered by some old friends and supporters, and the performance went well, taking into account the fact that it was our first for a while. I dropped a stick during Sweet Lalailia (which I haven’t done during a gig for yeeears) not once but twice.

I ended the evening watching Ben drop his keyboard down some stone steps. It hasn’t been right since, but I understand that “he’s had the back off” and by the time of the next gig it’ll be as right as ninepence!

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