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Apollo Festival | Sweat & Blood

We’d been looking forward to this one for months.

A big time outdoor festival, with a known track record and big name bands. Expectations were high as a consequence.

Apollo Junction, a band we’ve been mateying up with for a while, were playing too, so we were looking forward to hooking up with them.

Weather Report

When we arrived the weather was blinding, although the forecast was for showers by early afternoon.

As we were playing the ATM (‘Access to Music’) tent at 2.30pm – a stone’s throw from the main stage – we had our fingers crossed for a cloudburst over Chris Helme’s competing set! It was clear that the event was professionally organised, and everything ran smoothly during the course of the day.

All very impressive.

Rising Tides

The ATM tent was good, so set up took only a few minutes and we started on time. Crowd on the small side, at least to start with. The stalwart Caroline Adams was with us from the offski, and the Unsigned & Rewind crew were also in the house.

Apollo Junction rocked up to watch just after we kicked off, which was cool. With two tracks to go the heavens suddenly opened and the tent filled up.

Decided to “bring it” in response, so wound myself up into Keith Moon style frenzy during Bad Man!

Finished the gig awash with adrenaline!

Dropped a sodding stick (again) during Bad Man, which is becoming a regular thing. There’s a “note to self” right there.

Closed with the single – as has become the custom – and left the stage just after 3pm to cheers from the crowd.


Committed Performance

Chatting to Jo and Jenny from Unsigned & Rewind before the Apollo Junction set later and noticed I was bleeding from the knuckles on the left side. Occupational hazard! The rest of the afternoon was great, hanging out in the field and catching some great music and making new friends.

Did I mention the new album?

Scene suitably set for the Infinite Twin album release

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