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Tent love…

Coquetfest | Red Light Revival

This was a hoot.

Coquefest is a 3 day music and beer festival with a family friendly vibe held at Druridge Bay Country Park in Morpeth. Three stages provide an eclectic range of musical sweet meats, while  world food concessions border the outdoor site and feats of sporting prowess go on in the main ring (seemed to be motorcross bikes).

Camping is available for the Friday and Saturday nights, and Ben decided that this sounded like a plan. I arrived on the Saturday afternoon, after my satnav had taken me to a deserted beach instead of the venue, in the expectation of a 3.30pm kick off.

The EGH crew were there to see us perform, and it was great to catch up Gary and The Lamberts after the gig. Ben wasn’t immediately in evidence, and I bumped into Gaz over by the main stage. He reported that Ben had become a little overly refreshed the night before, and had thrown up in and then trashed his tent.

Photos of the said tent were produced, and I can confirm that it was indeed in bits. Eventually Ben appeared, shovelling down a pizza to settle his stomach. He was sober but just a little green around the gills. I was gratified to hear that as he lay under the Northumbrian stars the night before, which no doubt were hopping around like a dog biting an electric fence, all he could think about was how I was going to react to an incapacitated keyboard player (I’m all about the professionalism).

Fortunately, by the time I spoke to him he was match fit. Performance was good. The crowd was sparse, but all the better for including friends. The drum shell provided by the organisers was tip top, and the stage sound was fine.

After the gig we grabbed a beer and hot dog, courtesy of the establishment, and checked out the big stage in the main beer tent.

Cud were due to headline later that day, and the stage looked the business. Would love to play that stage next year!

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