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Under the arches…

OTSO | Red Light Revival

We weren’t really sure what the expect from this gig. With the triumphant Brudenell gig a very recent memory anything that wasn’t kick ass was going to be a disappointment.

OTSO is under the railway arches just out of Huddersfield station, and round the back of Tescos. More a “cans only” free house bar than a music spot, we half expected the place to empty after 9pm, as it was a school night.

We got there ahead of time, to catch the band on before us, The Pencil Necks.

“Are you the other band?” asked the front man through the mic. “We are”, said Ben, which clearly amused him as he responded with a surly chuckle.

They played a covers heavy set, with a few original tracks. The crowd was up for it, and greeted each song with a cheer.

We came on and the expected exodus came to pass, but the handful who stayed reacted well. One said to Matt mid-gig that “you’re much better than that crap band that was on earlier”, which was more than a little harsh.

Ben’s keys refused to behave so he sat this one out. The 30 minute set passed, and as we were packing up the front man of The Pencil Necks stepped up to offer their services in support next time we played in Leeds.

Point made; time to move on.

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