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Farsley Festival | Red Light Revival

We’ve done our fair share of out door festivals, and they’re usually a hoot.

The crowd is invariably a big ‘un and up for a laugh, but (and it’s a big but) the music is never the raison d’etre of the thing. As a result the musical acts can come across a bit like wallpaper; people on their way to the bar might cast an eye over you, but that’s as much as you’re going to get.

Such as it was at Farsley.

Performing anywhere on the Glastonbury weekend is quite an ask, and although our aspirations don’t extend quite as far as the Pyramid stage we had hoped for a little more attention than we got.

That said, the set up was good (the back of a lorry scenario never fails), and the sound was handled well.

Steps up to the stage was a pile of pallets, which by the time the band after us had started setting up while we were still striking our gear, the organisers realised that rush hour traffic required something a little more substantial.

Festival streamers festooned the stage, which was a nice touch until they started wrapping themselves around our necks mid performance!

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