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All verve and no denim…

Double Denim | Red Light Revival

A late booking, following a cancellation, which was fine as we were all available. We had been keen to play on the Double Denim bill for a while, as it’s a fixture that always gets a local buzz.

We played The Verve a year or two ago, and so knew what to expect from the venue. Compact but extremely bijoux. Problem was we didn’t have much time to drum up any interest, and as we wEmpere replacing the headliner we were on last.

The upshot of this was that we played to an empty room which, on a Friday night in Leeds, is a bit shameful.

Our former lead guitarist, the legendary Steve Stewart, turned up, however, and made his presence felt by whooping his approval between songs.

Phil played the gig out front, sitting in the shadows; we could hear but not see him for most of the gig!

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