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Fie Fie Flee…

Chemic | Red Light Revival

This was one of those gigs that is destined to enter band fokelore.

A charity fundraiser, in aid of We Shall Overcome, we were following a couple of acoustic artistes, Heather Coulton and Vicky Whelan.

Both were excellent, and intimate in the cosy back room at The Chemic. The lights were low, Chardonnay was being sipped, and the whole affair had the air of a clandestine cabaret club.

Ergo we were in trouble!

There was no drum shell in place, and the stage was as big as a postage stamp (to be fair, with acoustic acts on it didn’t need to be any bigger), so the get in was a squeeze to to say the least.

We launched into it and, to our surprise, the punters stuck around and actually got up to dance. The set passed without hitch and we raced though our 30 minutes (perhaps a little too quickly; mea culpa).

Fie Fie Fie were headlining, so we quickly struck the gear and packed out into the car park. Mid post mortem pint we realised that Fie Fie Fie weren’t obviously setting up.

One of us bumped into the organiser at the urinal and asked where they were only to be told that they had turned up, seen us play and then decided they couldn’t top us and so had shlepped off home.

With every due respect to Fie Fie Fie we will be wearing their hasty retreat as a badge of honour in the future!

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