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360 Dire Straits…

360 club | Red Light Revival

The last time we played The 360 Club (in 2009) we had a different lead guitarist (hi Steve) and bass player.

And we sucked.

We are in a much better place now, in many respects, so were keen to set the record straight a bit. We were on a 4 band bill, with the recently signed Black Falcon headlining.

During the evening it soon became clear that we were going to stand out a bit, for all the wrong reasons.

The first band was Pocket Fox. Powerful stuff, with an ace throbbing bass sound. We we second up, and the gig went well for me. Great to be on a big stage (with a drum riser – top marks!) with top flight kit and sound.

After the gig I was told that some of the crowd were calling for Dire Straits numbers, which rather fed one particular reviewer with a handy line with which to beat us around the head for not being hard enough (despite the backhander that we were “competent and tuneful”).

The third band on, Evil Eye, were also strong and heavy, with Black Falcon finishing the night off with their set, closing with a cover of Spandau Ballet’s Gold. The takeaway was to make sure (if poss) that we fit with the line up on offer.

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