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The dreams we have as children…

So anyway I digress and if you will be sufficiently kind to allow me to put the history of the band to one side for a moment I would appreciate it if you would indulge me for what will be a short blog entry.

I’ve been lucky enough to play in bands since I was 16, each one has held, and indeed still does hold, a very special place in my heart. The fact however remains that, to steal a line from Noel Gallagher;

“the dreams we have as children fade away”

, and as I approach my 39th birthday next week, the ambition of being sat on stage in front of 40,000 people playing keys with Red Light Revival appears to be more and more unlikely and I find myself, as one often does on an anniversary contemplating my motivation to carry on playing.

The point, I suppose is this:

In the last couple of years with this band I’ve had the privilege of writing, arranging and performing songs that I love with people whom I love.

As a band, and as individuals, as a result of the unsigned community we have made a huge number of friends and had the opportunity to see some great bands play in some great venues.

We have had the opportunity to hang out and have drinks with people in bands who have been signed and globally successful, with people who are going to be globally successful, and with people in the music industry who genuinely believe in promoting (generally in their spare time) a whole host of unsigned bands.

We’ve also met people who don’t play in bands but love coming out to support them, people who love the scene so much have in fact travelled a couple of hundred miles to see us play.

All of the above is awesome.

Will I have a swimming pool outside a mansion in LA following 3 albums going platinum? Probably not.

Will I keep playing with this band until I’m not able to carry my kit from the car park to venue? Yes. The whole thing is such a cool trip.

The dreams we have as children may very well fade away, but to be blunt, I knew fuck all as a kid, at nearly 40 I know I’ve got it right.

Peace, Love & Empathy.


Ben Author

Today, Ben will mostly be drinking and smoking.


  • Robert Segarra aka Robbie Zombie aka Billy J Bryan & The Ax Grinders 19/07/2016 // 6:58 pm

    Awesome entry. Filled with passion and emotion – perfect qualities for a dreamer and a professional musician and an artist.

    • BDM 23/07/2016 // 12:33 am

      Thanks man.


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