Jon first picked up a guitar playing acoustic sessions in pubs for beer. Not a lot has changed except that after 10 years travelling Europe, he's finally mastered the pose and pout. Having had some success in Spain, he taught in Denmark before swiftly returning to Spain to abandon all his musical principles and sign for Polydor then Universal Records.

Those years took their toll and Jon returned to the UK with his pride and memory barely intact where he first met Charlie through a mutual friend who was looking for a guitarist to join a cover band.

Whilst gigging with Charlie, Jon became a keen supporter of Red Light Revival and quietly prayed that the high turnover of lead guitarists would playing into his hands. It did in 2013.

Jon quickly built a rapport and even learned to play some of the songs although he has built a strong media presence for the band and can be found writing music, tweeting or generally watching his back for the next lead guitarist!

Jon's influences are somewhat eclectic but loves rock & blues such as the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Hendrix and the mighty Taylor Swift. He equally suspiciously proud of his penchant for quality indie and pop music.

Jon is well and truly wired for sound.

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