Keith Moon?

Charlie took up the drums relatively late, at age 25, but has played regularly with a number of local bands since 2002. He met Jon that year, and they have been members of Huddersfield based covers band The States ever since. He is a founding member of Red Light Revival in 2006, and to date hasn't missed a gig.

His drumming idols are John Bonham, Roger Taylor (Queen, not Duran Duran), Gerry Conway (Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention) and Ted McKenna (Alex Harvey Band).

Charlie plays a Pearl Export drum kit with an 18" Black Panther steel shell snare, Saiban and Zildjian cymbals (two crash, 16" and 17", a 21" ride, 14" hi hats and a 10" medium splash), Pearl and Tama hardware, and Vic Firth sticks (5A Extreme).

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