Axl Rose?

Intent on becoming the next Axl Rose, albeit he acknowledges that not being a vocalist his goal was never ever going to be achieved, Ben started playing in bands aged 16. The first seeds of the current Red Light Revival were sown when he formed a band whilst at college in York with Steve, (a former lead and now occasional guitar player with the band) and Phil the band's bass player. c.2006 in an attempt to embarrass his new acquaintance Matt by demanding, with the sort of earnest persuasion that only Budweiser and a stomach containing only bar chips can achieve, that he perform at the an open mic acoustic night in Leeds Red Light Revival was born. Some ten years later Ben can normally be found house left/stage right of Charlie and playing a Korg PS-250. When not on stage he spends a large amount of his time drinking in various bars across north Leeds and shouting at clouds whom he believes are smug.

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